Pleased to meet Ya

Now it's time to say Hello to me and all my kin
I would like to thank you folks for kindly droppin' in
You're all invited back again to this locality
To have a heapin' helpin' of our hospitality!
Hillbilly, that is, sit a spell, take your shoes off
Y'all come back now, ya hear?

--adapted from "The Beverly Hillbillies" by Paul Henning

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The stink wears off

Cool Breeze
(another Haiku by Seth)
Cool Breeze in Forest
Changes to a Powerful Wind,
then Cool Breeze Again

by Mary Carolyn Davies
The day before April
Alone, Alone,
I walked to the woods
And I sat on a stone.

I sat on a broad stone
And sang to the birds.
The tune was God's making
But I made the words.

And the thought for the day is a little story from my husband, Jerry:

Long, long ago; when I was 15 years old and had just obtained my learner's permit, one of my uncles let me drive the car on an old country road that had two ditches, no shoulders, and barely two lanes. I was trucking right along, as happy as could be, when we approached a little kid riding his bicycle along the right side of the roadway. I eased the car to the left and , just at the last minute, saw a dead skunk in the road. I knew I had a quick decision to make, so I weighed the consequences and ultimately decided to hit the skunk. The smell permeated the car almost instantly. My uncle looked at me and asked without any hint of compassion in his voice, "Why did you do that?!" I stated, "It was either hit the skunk or the kid!" His reply was very simple and to the point, "Next time, hit the kid." Not another word was ever spoken regarding the incident, and to this day I'm not completely convinced that he was only kidding.
The moral of the story: It's not always easy doing the right thing. In fact, it can be down right stinky. But the stink usually wears off eventually, and you can at least live with a clear conscience.


  1. What a great story with a very good point.

  2. OH, my goodness! You poor thing! There is just NOTHING worse than skunk smell!

    Just wanted to drop by and thank you for visiting and following my blog! I really, really appreciate it!

    I'm glad you did, now I'm following you back! Cheers~!