Pleased to meet Ya

Now it's time to say Hello to me and all my kin
I would like to thank you folks for kindly droppin' in
You're all invited back again to this locality
To have a heapin' helpin' of our hospitality!
Hillbilly, that is, sit a spell, take your shoes off
Y'all come back now, ya hear?

--adapted from "The Beverly Hillbillies" by Paul Henning

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Peanut Wisdom

Do you have something from your childhood that you still treasure today? I am quite an unsentimental person, overall. I don't have many childhood keepsakes. It is funny that in the midst of my crazy childhood, the things that I did keep were books and a quilt.

This is my favorite book that I saved over the years:

You can tell that it has been well-loved:

I just love the fun pop-up pages:

Snoopys little moveable ear to protect Woodstock from the rain:

You can "turn" the channel on the TV and Woodstock flies around in all sorts of patterns:

On this one, you can Lift the Flap and make Snoopy 'catch' the ball:

And check out the inner part of the cover:

Awhile back while Stephen and I were on a walk, we stumbled upon an Estate Sale, and just look at all the Snoopy books that we couldn't pass up:

A couple of them are so Adorable!!!! Every once in a while a bit of Peanut Wisdom will probably pop up in my blog. I just can't help it. I am a Snoopy addict. Always have been!

Do you have anything that you've held onto and treasured since childhood?


  1. Why DOES blogger insist on changing how you had the page all set up? The words about Snoopy's ear, were above the correct page when I typed it out. Anyone else have issues with layout sometimes??

  2. Sometimes I have trouble editing on my blog since they made some recent changes.

    I love your blog and I wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award. You can find out more here. Congratulations! Lynnell

  3. I still have my little blue baby doll. ;)

  4. I haven't kept much either, not that I think of it. My Mom made me a scrapbook as a baby where she kept all the cards I received as a baby and my hospital bracelet. Those are nice to hold on to. I do have a couple books, too.

    Your kids are so adorable. I bet it was hard being down with a c-section. I hope you're feeling back to normal. I had one with our last baby and that was a hard recovery, so I feel your pain.

    Thanks so much for visiting today; I am glad you're on the band wagon. I hope you do get a Wii, they are great, so my kids and husband tell me. They love ours, but I rarely use it.

    Can't wait to read more on your blog. Hope you're having a great day.


  5. Oh my.
    I do not know if I have ANYTHING from my childhood! I'll have to give that some thought.
    Oh! Oh! I have my original jacks set and bag. =)

    Thanks for the visits to my blogs. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Off to see more of yours.


    barbara jean

  6. I've got a Snoopy shirt I'd love to send you. I found it at a thrift store and have been waiting for the right person to send it to. You can send your address over to me at Have a happy day.

  7. Thank you for dropping by and leaving me such a sweet comment. It means so much to know folks like you care...really!
    I love the book and your previous post...darling. In fact, I've got to get Bella a tee like Stephen's. Cat Daddy is Pop to his g'girls. Love the photos too...gonna steal, I mean borrow that idea too!
    Thanks again,

  8. Oh, what a sweet book! You just can't go wrong with the Peanuts characters, can you! I love that you saved this! My favorite possession that I still own from childhood is my doll Tubsy. I wrote an entire blog about her! She's awesome!!

  9. Nothing makes me smile more than Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the peanut gang!

    Mrs. White